Purple Leaves, Red Cherries: Short Stories on Motherhood

This concise version of the original hardback book contains 48 inspiring and thought-provoking short stories on motherhood plus interactive links to the book’s online forum. The stories reveal how motherhood impacts women’s relationships, work, expectations, bodies, sex lives and more. With seamless connectivity to the book’s forum, readers can at once discuss the topics covered in the book and share their own stories with other readers.

The eBook is ideal reading for mothers of all ages, members of book clubs and students of gender studies. Read the reviews of the hardback edition.

Mothers can find comfort in the stories that resonate with their own experiences and draw inspiration from others. Readers with an interest in gender studies can use the stories as excellent material to generate honest and engaging discussions on how motherhood impacts all aspects of women’s lives.

A taste of four of the stories:

– The most sophisticated thing she had done all week was eat dark chocolate.

– She was flailing in the deep end of the pool while her husband waded in the shallow water.

– She held on to her motto that doing housework didn’t make her a better mother.

– She cuddled her suckling baby and felt empowered.

eBooks formatted for color eBook readers include many of the striking illustrations that appear in the hardback book, adding wonderful depth to the reader’s experience.

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